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New model BAUHAUS / TWEET RESTO BAR from Uczarczyk. Transparent, string hanging window bird feeder. | more >> 

New! SHARK. Felt laundry basket with golden and silver teeth for bathroom or children's room as a basket for toys. | more >> 

GDYNIA BEACH | 26 may 2015 | more >> 

SHARK | Felt laundry basket. One and only original copyrighted piece.
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DaWanda LOVEBOOK for Winter 2014/15. Same as last year one of my project Armadillo Brooch has been shortlisted to DaWanda LOVEBOOK
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Shadow of the great mountain / TENNECK / Salzburgerland | more >> 

PERFECT BAG | Felt fold over bag. | more >> 

NAIL_05 ring from "HOLE & NAIL" Collection. | more >> 

Armadillo escape | more >> 

Acquario di Genova | more in vacation mode >> 

Crocuses in Chochołowska valley, Tatra moutains. 

Happy Easter! 

MIKI Brooch | Natural black recycled leather | more >> 

M_Y____ J_E_W_E_R_L_Y | shot from new photo session, | more >>  

about single tourist in the hotel | more >>  

K O A L A bag. shot from new photo session. | more >> 

B A L L O N on the Vistula river. more soon in Handmade section 

G U L L over the river, boulevard Poleski 

Nordic walking on V I S T U L A river, boulevard Poleski 

K L U A D I A, first shots of my silver jewelry. Im working on... | more >>  


M_Y____ J_E_W_E_R_L_Y | shot from new photo session, | more >>  

T I T on my balcony`s railing 

ducks on Oriole`s river | kaczki na Wildze 

same place same time... 

R E D umbrella 

P A R K in Borek Fał.  



me, myself and I | more >>